Everyone knows that in order to learn a foreign language or be able to practice and additional training at seems  is to leave the country for a certain period of time. This option is very good but unfortunately not possible for all different reasons.


              I suggest  you  holiday atmosphere with the training or learning the German language  not   leaving the Podlaskie region.

              Imagine that you spend a few days with us at the “wilderness” in the  TV are only German TV channels , DVD only available in German, books and magazines in German. On the outside, only animals and nature and me talking to you on all possible topics in German (repeating something and explaining  only in that language). Is this not a place conducive to learning German language?

              I had this opportunity over 20 years I lived in Germany. At that time I attended there for many different schools, for several years while living in province  Podlaskie. I am a professional occupational therapist and I use the German language as fluently as the Polish language the best you can see me talking to tel: 696365550

               Daily rate for staying in the apartment with several hours teaching or training of the German language is 100 zł, with longer stays or small groups discounts available to be arranged by phone or email.

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