Watching family, friends, people visiting us, coming mostly from larger cities,we noticed that they live in a faster pace and the first days they  spend active in exploring the beautiful arounds and the nearby cities. After a few days, however, the rate falls and the nature that surrounds them, peace  make that they stay on the site to enjoy the moment’s.

              On this site we would like  to provide you with all the famous known places of these beautiful surroundings, the only criterion which we adopted is the time that is needed to get there by car from us.We gona try to familiarize you with all the well-known beautiful grounds of this area .


-0 min

- Rakowicze

- Village Rakowicze is given as an example of a typical way of building houses in the region.

- "Plain Language"(dialect) used in the North Podlasie 

- On the spot is a possibility of  pedestrian walking and cycling.

- 15 min

-Commune Lipsk:

-Lipsk: :

-Museum Lipsk Easter Eggs:

-Regional Museum in Lipsk:

-Folk creativity:

-Municipal Recreation Centre in Lipsk: :

-Rafting and kayaking:

-Tourist routes:

-Biebrza National Park:


-The observation tower at Biebrza National Park: Route 673 Lipsk – Dąbrowa Białostocka at the height of  Jałowo

-Molotov Line:

-Jewish cemetery in Lipsk: http://www.kirkuty.xip.p

- 30 min

-Augustów County:


-Augustów Forest:

-4 National Parks  woj.Podlaskiego

-97 Nature Reserves woj.Podlaskiego

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